Following are some of the most commonly asked questions and other helpful information:

Q: What are your rates?
A: Our rates can be found in Display Ad Rates, Inserts, and Classified ads,

Q: What are your deadlines?

A: Please see Deadlines

Q: I want to start advertising, what happens next?
A: Please see Start Advertising

Q: When do I pay and what forms of payment do you accept?
A: Please see Payment

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: Please see Discounts

Q: How often do your publications come out?
A: Our publications are mailed monthly,  generally around the first of each month.

Our publications are mailed monthly, generally around the first of each month.
However, due to the discretion that both our commercial printer and local post offices have over our deliveries, specific delivery dates cannot be known or guaranteed. Typically deliveries have are the first few days of each month, but can range from the last few days of the month through the 7th of the following month (For example, the May issues may be delivered from April 29 – May 7th)



General Information that is part of our Advertising Agreements:

The following information is part of our Adverting Agreement form, and maybe helpful in establishing reasonable expectations of the range of services and possible variations:

We reserve the right to refuse any Advertising.

Errors & Omissions; Print Quality; Delivery Dates; Delivery Areas and Counts; Results
In any event, the liability of an error or omission on our part is limited to a refund of the rate charged for services provided.

Advertising Errors or Omissions: We are not responsible for errors or omissions after an ad proof has been approved or in client provided files/Ads. Ads accidentally omitted from publications result in no charge to the client and no liability on our part.

Print Quality: Advertisers understands that our publications are black and white, low-resolutions newsprint, and is subject to a wide-range of normal variations that may include but are not limited to various degrees of: smudging, non-solid black areas, fades, and “ink haze” from ads on opposing pages. In all cases the ads are considered acceptable unless the ad is “substantially unreadable.”

Delivery Date: Generally, publications are mailed around the 1st of each month. However, deliveries may range from the last few days of the current month to the 7th of the next month. For example, the May issues may be mailed anytime from April 27th through May 7th. Specific Delivery dates cannot be known, due to the discretion both the commercial printer and local post offices have over our deliveries. Events and promotion to be advertised in our publications should be scheduled after the first week of the month.

Delivery Areas and Counts: Each publication will be mailed by the US Postal Service to the geographical area that publication serves, to the extend that current and future modifications of US Postal carrier routes allow. It is understood that no publication will exceed a monthly distribution of 10,000 copies. Mailing priority will be from newest addresses to oldest address, as postal routes allow. The geographical and numeric accuracy of our mailings are dependent upon information provided by the US Postal Service. Our publication are considered “delivered” if mailed according to current postal count and route information, which may be up to 90 days old. We are not responsible for or liable for errors made by the US Postal Service.

Results: (important if you are new to advertising in general): The charge for our services are based on a agreement to distribute your advertisement in the method, quantities and locations represented in our agreement or confirmed emails, not a specific result or response. Due to an almost infinite number a variables that motivate consumers to purchase products or services, a specific level of results cannot be represented or guaranteed.

Ad Size Variation: All published Ad size dimensions are rounded for convenience. Final published Ad sizes may vary up to 3% due to digital imaging requirements of the commercial printing process.

All the information provide to current and potential clients including printed information, websites, and this agreement is intended as general information that concerns the most common aspects of our services, and is not intended to cover every possible exception or variance. Please contact us if you have specific concerns, questions, exceptions, or need in depth detail regarding any area of our services, or third-party services we utilize for printing, inserting, mail preparation and US Postal services.

Helpful Hints about our schedules and contacting us:

The best way to contact us is email at: or Text/VoiceMail: 916-727-6383

We are a husband and wife team that does most of our “office work” at night, so we are not generally in the office to answers phones during what are considered normal business hours. You are always welcome to leave phone messages for us and we’ll do our best to return your call as soon as we can. However, our phone volume can be very heavy due to hundreds of advertisers, and questions, comments and suggestions generated from the 30,000+ homes of readers who receive our publications each month. Email/text is preferred because we can answer those from a variety of locals and times.

Important Monthly Workflow dates:
10th: Ad files or Ad schanges are due.
15th: Ads should be approved by clients and ready-to-publish. Ads are placed and considered final.
20th: Our publications are prepared for commercial printing.

We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you.

Liz & Gregg Goldthorpe
Owners, EG NEWS INC – publishers of:
Sun Senior News, Woodcreek News, Antelope News