FLYER INSERTS can be much less than doing your own direct mailings!  

You provide the flyers, an we’ll insert and mail them with our paper. Our papers are mailed by the US Postal Service during the first week of each month.  Our insert rates are based 8.5″ x 11″, photocopy paper (20 lbs., bond). You are welcome to provide full-color inserts. However, paper weights over 100lbs will charged and extra $5 per 1,000 inserts for additional mailing costs. Other sizes may be accommodated with pre-approval. Just email us:


Woodcreek News – $450. Inserts needed: 11,500.*


INSERT CHECK LIST to ensure your insertion goes as expected:

1.) Deliver inserts to Gold Country Printing by the 15th of the month (this date can be a little flexible with advance arrangements).

Gold Country Printing is located at 1030 High St. Auburn 95603. Attention: Shane

FYI: Gold Country Printing is a vendor that does our printing, insertions and mailings. 

2.) Payment for the inserts is due by the 15th.  Email us for an invoice to pay by credit card OR mail a check for the correct amount (see Rates above) to:

EGnews, Inc
5098 Foothills Blvd. #3-405
Roseville, CA 95747

(This is a UPS Store at the intersection of Foothills/Junction located in the Save Mart shopping center.)

3.) Email us to confirm that your inserts were delivered to Gold Country Printing – this is very important!

4.) Each box should be marked clearly with both the name of the publication and month.

For example, “Woodcreek News, July “


Our publications are mailed monthly, generally around the first of each month.

However, due to the discretion that both our commercial printer and local post offices have over our deliveries, specific delivery dates cannot be known or guaranteed. It has been typical for our publications to be mailed in the first few days of each month

Events promoted in our publications should be scheduled after the 7th of month.


Inserts should be 8.5×11, 20lbs., Exceptions must be pre-approved. Heavier weights can be accepted. Generally the charge is $5 per thousand above our posted rates. Multi-page/booklets inserts are quoted by weight. Please email the weight of an individual booklet for a quote.

Sharing Insert space is not allow.

Insert clients may not share insert space with other vendors, or promote any service that solicits or provides advertising services/opportunities of any nature.


The requested number of inserts does not necessarialy reflect the exact number of issued mailed each month, and are generally higher to allow for postal route count changes prior to mailing.

The requested number of inserts is based on the number of homes included in the entire set of US Postal routes necessary to cover the target area. Routes vary often and may extend outside of the specific community targeted. However, postal regulations require us to mail to 100% of each route regardless if the route only partially covers our target area.

The number of Inserts requested are based on the current US Postal information available up to 90 days prior to mailings.