Welcome to the West Roseville News (formerly the Woodcreek News)

Can something be new more than 20 years later? Sure! After more than 20 years of publishing this paper as the Woodcreek News that serves “West Roseville” – we are now the West Roseville News.

When the Woodcreek News first went to press in January of 1996, Woodcreek High School was in its 2nd year, and Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. ran right down the middle of our intended delivery area; hence the name “Woodcreek News”, but a lot has changed in 20+ years, including West Roseville, which has grown much farther “west”. Even though we have a new name, our mission and focus has not changed. We continue to be a community forum to share positive community news about the schools, youth, organizations and people of West Roseville. So, take the time to share what is happening with the West Roseville News. Email us at: egnews@egnews.com

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